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Business Services

At Bhakta & Associates, we regularly counsel our business clients on strategic legal issues, from business planning and formation, through growth and financing transactions, and often through disposition of the business. Representing everyone from companies, to individuals and non-profit corporations we assist our clients in virtually any kind of transaction their company may encounter, including:

  • business planning
  • entity formation (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and not-for-profit organizations)
  • franchising and franchise negotiations
  • leasing
  • meeting and reporting compliance
  • acquisitions
  • reorganization and liquidation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • shareholder and partnership agreements
  • single purpose entities
  • trademarking services and brands
Real Estate Services

Our firm provides representation to a wide range of clients, including purchasers, sellers, commercial developers, landlords, tenants, and investors in connection with every type of real estate transaction from acquisitions, to construction, development and management. Areas of service include:

  • construction and conventional financing
  • construction contract negotiations
  • covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • conveyances and easements
  • development agreements
  • entitlements, land use and zoning
  • environmental issues
  • foreclosures
  • leasing including sale-leaseback agreements
  • loan instruments for seller finance situations
  • loan modification
  • lot splits
  • retail and office leasing and development
  • title issues and review
Litigation Services

Our clients are risk takers by nature. They invest in volatile and competitive markets which sometimes engage them into high-risk business disputes and imminent litigation. We understand that resolution of complex lawsuits, arbitrations and other actions demand competent counsel. We pride ourselves on the ability to handle complex matters leading them to a quick and efficient resolution. Most importantly, we always guide our clients to make sound business decisions at all times and phases of litigation.

We work with publicly and privately held enterprises on a diverse range of business needs. We counsel clients on issues and disputes arising out of the purchase or sale of a business, contracts, and accounts receivables.

Corporate Dispute Resolution Services

Litigation is often a lengthy and costly process. Many times it takes only one lawsuit to drain a small healthy business and turn it upside down. At Bhakta & Associates we provide a quick and easy alternative to resolving disputes through private mediation and arbitration. Whether the dispute is internal, between members and partners, or external with other businesses, corporate dispute resolutions are a cost efficient way to resolve or get a fresh perspective on resolving a matter.

Wills/Trusts Services

Our clients work hard to provide financially strong futures for their children and families. Accordingly, we have made it our job to make sure we provide our clients with the appropriate estate planning tools to protect their assets and financial interests. At Bhakta & Associates we offer all of the following estate planning services:

  • wills
  • living trusts
  • durable power of attorney
  • health care powers of attorney
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